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Orthodox New England

Seminarian Scholarships

The Diocese of New England makes available limited scholarships for modest financial assistance according to the following guidelines:

A scholarship applicant must:

1) Be a parishioner of a member parish of the Diocese of New England, Orthodox Church in America;

2) Be currently enrolled, as a full–time student, in a degree granting program at an accredited Orthodox seminary with the knowledge and blessing of the diocesan bishop.

For more information, please contact Archbishop NIKON.

Download Scholarship Application

"Parish Grant Program" - 01/24/15

At the 2011 Diocesan Assembly, a "Parish Grant Initiative" was approved. Parishes in the New England Diocese can apply for financial grants to support outreach and charity programs in their communities. The diocese has budgeted up to $10,000 in grant monies to help support parishes in these efforts.

The Parish Grant Background is available here. (MS Word Format)

The Parish Grant Application is available here. (MS Word Format)


Statutes Revision: Public Comments - 03/12/15

OCA Statutes Revision: Public commenting deadline is April 20th.

The opportunity for discussion at the ACC has yet to be clarified, so if you would like to suggest changes, now is the time to do so.

"While the final agenda is still being approved by the Holy Synod, the AAC will devote most of an entire Plenary session to discussion of the Revised Statutes. The form of that discussion is still being planned so that it will be directed and inclusive while considering the size of the Council and the time limitations." —The Preconciliar Commission

Calling all youth and youth volunteers! - 04/06/15

Why are we having a youth program?

In the past, the OCA Department of Youth and Young Adult in conjunction with the Department of Christian Education was very successful in reaching hundreds of OCA youth and young adults at the All American Councils. At the height of this ministry run by Fr. Michael Anderson and with the blessing of the OCA bishops, there were nearly 400 youth participating. We are bringing back the program in an attempt to reach out to our youth and help them to grow in the church and meet other Orthodox Christians from across the OCA. We hope that it is successful.

Please see the accompanying attachment.


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